Re: So what's your source? And is there a double standard on "soc.genealogy.medieval"?

There are posts coming which make my position, unlike Ms. Guido's,
crystal clear. In fact, one of them just posted. It's a quote of the
law in effect in the colony of Virginia when Maj. Edward Dale wrote
his will on Aug. 24, 1694. The source, which is unimpeachable and
widely available, is cited, so that anyone who wants to check it can
do so. Fair enough?

Since you are a subject of Her Majesty, I'm not going to insult your
intelligence by spoon-feeding the solution to you. However I'm
American and a member of SAR, so I'll leave the bowing and scraping
(as you describe it) to you.

I challenge MichaelAnne Guido to produce her source. Why? Because
the reason Ms. Guido lied was to divert attention from the rather
simple truth. Unless you have some knowledge of 17th century Virginia
genealogy to contribute, why don't you stuff a sock in it and wait to
see what it's about?