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girlvol@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

The posts regarding the grant to the Isle of Man are ridiculous. They
originally started because the PIA, Will, did not believe that I had
attended a congress. Now, if he is right about the NEH and I am wrong, that
is fine. I have an email in to both the professors who did the initial work
for verification. I have never lied about any credentials I have ever
earned and I resent the implication that I have. I have only said what I
was told was correct. >>
I have no idea what you mean by "PIA". You've said this a few times, maybe
you could explain it.
I did not say you had never "attended a congress". I implied that your
name-dropping only works IF you can use the actual name. You tried, but failed.
Better luck next time.

I did not say you lied about "any credentials [that you] have ever earned".
For all I know you have a BA and a Masters for that matter in history, or
whatever it's supposed to be. A grant or a stipend isn't a credential in my
book anyway.

And "lie" is perhaps too strong. I'm sure we can say "misrepresentation" or
"error of omission" and leave it at that.

Will Johnson
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