Re: Questions regarding different genealogical societies

Kathy wrote:
As I've said before, am a fairly new researcher and came across a
website with a number of different genealogical societies listed. One
that would pertain to the medieval times would be The Order of the
Crown of Charlamagne in the United States. Upon looking at the
requirements for memberships, it says:

"Ladies and gentlemen are eligible for membership if they can prove
beyond doubt their descent from the Emperor Charlemagne. However,
they must be proposed in writing by two members or approved by the
Admission Committee of the Order to whom they are known personally.
Letters of proposal and endorsement are sent to the Registrar General,
who, with the approval of the Admission Committee, will invite the
prospect to become a member."

From reading a number of your posts in here, my first thought was,
you can't prove it beyond a doubt, am I correct in that assumption.
Wouldn't it depend on how records were kept in that time period, and
that far back who is to say they were accurately taken, or transcribed
correctly? How can one prove beyond a reasonable doubt, full lines
and lineages that far back, isn't there always someone who will doubt
that research?

Another question is do all societies require a notarized copy of your
lineage report? Am just curious. I know that in time I'd like to
become more involved in the genealogy world, and hope to really "dig
in" so to speak, but at this point in my life I don't have the funds
to join all the different societies, and frankly at $550 usd a
membership, only the wealthy can in my eyes. Are there any that you
can join based on your lineage alone, rather than ones that will make
you go broke if your well off. Just curious.

Most of those societies are a waste of money and are certainly of no help in conducting actual genealogical research.