Unique Gifts For Grandma & Grandpa - Are They Really That Hard To Buy Fo..

It's quite normal to feel that buying presents for your grandparents
is hard. They are elderly and therefore a lot of thought needs to go
into finding a gift that they would appreciate. However, if you do a
little searching, you'll be surprised at the range of suitable
products available for them. I am not talking about a pair of slippers
or a jumper, but unique gifts that you would probably not find in the
high street. In the article, I am going to highlight some of the
unique and often useful gifts for grandparents.
The Lav Nav (toilet night light)- you probably would not associate
gadgets with the elderly, but the Lav Nav is a great little gadget
that only appeals to the young, but also to the old due to it's useful
and functional nature. For many years, men and women have been falling
out over the position of the toilet seat. Women want it down, men want
it up. Most woman have, at one time or another, taken a sleepy trip to
the bathroom only to sit on a toilet when the seat has been left up
which apparently is not very nice. Waking in the night to go to the
toilet is a common scenario, especially with the elderly. The Lav Nav
could be the answer. This small, contoured, unit attaches easily to
the toilet seat with the enclosed adhesive strip. Its built-in sensor
is triggered by movement. Its ingenious sensors assess the position of
the seat. When you walk up to the toilet in a darkened room, it lights
up green if the toilet seat is down, red if it is up....