Re: Pedigree of Sir John de la Lee, Steward of the household of Queen Isabella


Thanks for your information that I have integrated into my file for
this Sir John de la Lee, given below. There seems to be a conflict
with the father of John as one account gives Robert and the one you
quote gives Geoffrey.

I have really been trying to find information about Sir John de la
Lee whose coat of arms is diplayed in the St George Roll (c.1285) as
John de la Lee - Gules billetty argent a fess checky or and azure.
This coat is of the Lee family of Shropshire. But the coat given to
the Sir John de la Lee, steward of the household differs as it is
described Argent a cross checky azure and or. So not the same family.

Thanks Anyway

Sir John de la Lee - Steward of the household

(See: The two parts of the manor of
EASTON MAUDIT, Northampton held respectively by the representatives of
Agnes and Flandrina Mauduit were distinguished as Upper and Lower, or
Over bury Leysplace and Netherbury Wolvesplace in Easton Maudit, both
shares being ultimately acquired by the Wolf family. Sir Henry de la
Leye in 1330 settled the reversion of the manor of Easton Maudit on
his grandson Robert, on his marriage with Alice daughter of Sir Walter
Pateshall. (fn. 36) In 1361 Sir John de la Leye and Joan his wife, and
Sir Robert de Geddyng and Elizabeth his wife, conveyed the manor to
William Wolf. (fn. 37)
A grant of an acre of land and of the advowson which John Marreis and
his wife Elizabeth made by fine of 24 June 1360 to Sir John de la Lee
and his wife Joan (fn. 85) may have related to the latter owners,
through a female heir, since it conveyed a warranty against the heirs
of Elizabeth. On the same day William Wolf made a similar grant to Sir
John de la Lee and Joan his wife, (fn. 86) who with Sir Robert de
Geddings and his wife Elizabeth (possibly another descendant of Agnes
Mauduit) granted to Master William de la Lee and Richard de Ravenser,
provost of the church of St. John of Beverley, (fn. 87) an acre of
land and the advowson of the church in Michaelmas term of the same
(See: Clothall Manor - County
Hertford. In February 1361-2 Henry 'son of John Bottele of Clothall'
conveyed certain rents with manorial rights and one-third of the
common fold of Clothall and onethird of the advowson of the church to
Sir John de la Lee, kt., and Joan his wife. (fn. 68) These appear to
have been identical with Botteles Manor. This Henry was said (in 1405)
to have been son of Laurence son of Muriel Poley. (fn. 69) It seems
possible that he was grandson of Laurence, and that the descendants of
Muriel took the name of Bottele from their estate at Clothall.
1359 Feb. 19. Westminster, Grant for life to John atte Lee, late
steward of the said queen, of
an annuity of £40, at the exchequer, in enlargement of a grant of
thelike during pleasure lately made to him at her asking on his
taking the order of Knighthood.

A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume 9:
Chesterton, Northstowe, and Papworth Hundreds (1989), pp. 141-144.
The manor, later CHAMBERLAINS, . . . .
The main manor, probably held by its purchaser Walter le
of Brent Pelham (Herts.) (fn. 53) in 1279, (fn. 54) descended between
1286 and 1290 to his son Henry. (fn. 55) In 1304 Henry established
he held it of John le Bere in socage. (fn. 56) Henry probably often
resided at Landbeach, as in 1307 (fn. 57) and c. 1340. (fn. 58) In
he settled the reversion on his son Thomas, (fn. 59) who was given
possession in 1343. (fn. 60) Henry died in 1345. (fn. 61) Sir Thomas,
already knighted, (fn. 62) agreed in 1359 to grant the manor to
for the newly founded Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, which at
took possession. (fn. 63) After Sir Thomas died, probably in 1361,
Thomas Grey, claiming to be his heir, promised Landbeach to the royal
steward, Sir John de la Lee, in return for his support. As soon as
had conveyed it to Lee in 1361, (fn. 64) Lee seized the manor,
it also under a release from another courtier, Sir Alan Buxhull, also
allegedly Chamberlain's heir. (fn. 65) Only in 1366 did the college
regain Landbeach on paying Lee 700 marks. (fn. 66)
63 C.C.C. Mun., XXXV/49A, 49B, 52; cf. ibid. XXXV/121, 32-3 Edw.
64 Ibid. XXXV/55, 193. For Lee's career and other misdeeds, J.
Bellamy, Robin Hood, 87-96.
65 C.C.C. Mun., XXXV/57; XXXV/121, 35-9 Edw. III.
66 Ibid. XXXV/60, 63, 66-7; cf. ibid. 121, 40 Edw. III.

Title Grant to John de la Lee, knight, Sir Thomas de Knesworthe;
de Wyvelyngham, clerks, and Robert atte Warde of his manor of
Reference CCCC09/35/55
(former reference: XXXV 55)
Creator Thomas Grey of Hertfordshire
Covering Dates 21 Oct. 1361 (Pelham, Thursday after St Luke, 35
Edward III)
Extent and Medium 1 membrane; vellum; Stained; Manuscript
Witnesses: Robert de Geddyng, knight; Thomas Logat; William Schanke;
John Quenyld; William Rokesburgh.
Parkerian endorsement: manerium vocat' Landbeche

Title Quitclaim to Sir John de la Lee of the manor of Landbeach
Reference CCCC09/35/57
(former reference: XXXV 57)
Creator Alan de Buxhull, kinsman and heir of Sir Thomas Chamberleyn
Covering Dates 1 Jan. 1363 (Windsor, Sunday the Feast of the
Circumcision, 36 Edward III)
Extent and Medium 1 membrane; vellum; Manuscript

Patent Rolls - 1365 Feb. 21. Westminster, Whereas .the king lately
granted for life to John atte Lee, steward
of the household of the late Queen Isabel, £40. at the exchequer
yearly for life ; in consideration as well of the good service to his
mother, which such grant was made as of laudable service to him and
Philippa since his mother's death, the king has granted to the said
John a further 40 marks yearly at the exchequer, for life.

Patent Rolls - 1366/7 Feb. 5. Westminster, Commission to Robert de
Appelby, John Salesbury and John Poleye, king's serjeants-at-arms, to
arrest and take to the Marshalsea prison Thomas Stace, 'chivaler,'
Ralph Fitz Payn and John Pollard, chaplain. By K. on the information
of John de la Lee, steward of the household.

Patent Rolls - 1367 May 24. Westminster. Commission of oyer and
terminer to John de la Lee, Hugh de Segrave, Edmund de Chelreye, John
de Bampton, Michael de Skfilyng and William de Worston, on information
that some evildoers have broken the parks and closes of Queen Philippa
within her lordship in the counties of Southampton, Wilts, Gloucester,
Somerset and Dorset, and entered her free warrens there, hunted in the
said parks and warrens, and in her free chaces there, felled her
trees, fished in her several fisheries there, carried away fish and
trees, as well as deer from the parks and hares, conies, pheasants and
partridges from the warrens, trodden down and consumed with cattle
Jier corn and grass, rescued the said cattle when these had been
impounded by her servants, assaulted and wounded her men and servants
and taken some from her service, and withdrawn chattels of felons and
fugitives, rents, escheats, wardships, marriages and other profits
pertaining to her there.

Patent Rolls - 1367 May 29. Westminster, Commission to Richard de
Imworth, king's serjeant-at-arms, to arrest William de Otteford, late
escheator in the counties of Bedford, Buckingham, Cambridge and
Huntingdon, and John de Repynghale, then his clerk, and bring them in
honourable manner before the kingand council to inform the king
touching certain matters.By K. on the information of John de la Lee,
steward of the household.

Patent Rolls - 1367 Aug. 2. Westminster. Commission to Richard de
Imworth, serjeant-at-arms, Henry Lenglissh and John de Asshe to make
inquisition in the counties of Cambridge and Suffolk touchingthe lands
and goods late of John Buntyng, detained in Neugate gaol, whose goods
to the sum of £500 have long been forfeit to the king for certain and
evident causes, extend the lands and appraise the goods, and deliver
both lands and goods by indenture to the sheriffs of those counties,
and to arrest all rebels and contrariants and release them by
sufficient mainprize, so that they be before the king and Council at
Westminster in the quinzaine ofMichaelmas. By K. on the information of
John de la Lee,
steward of the household

Patent Rolls - 1367 Aug 4th Grant in "mortmain to the master or warden
of the hospital of St.Thomas the Martyr at Estbrugg in Canterbury of a
messuage in Canterbury wherein the king's progenitors were wont to
have money coined, which messuage is now almost fallen to the ground,
except for ruinous stone walls surrounding it, and is of the annual
value as pasture of 12d.,as John de Tye,escheator in the county of
Kent, has certified, in aid of the sustenance of a chaplain to be
found by him and his successors to celebrate divine service dailyin
the hospital for the safe estate of the king and for his soul after
his death, and for the souls of Isabella,the king's mother, and of all
the faithful departed accordingto the ordinance of John de la Lee,who
has partly endowed the said chaplain ; saving always to the archbishop
of Canterbury's uses in the said messuage for three dies (cuneis)as
was anciently the Mandateto the bailiffsof Canterbury to deliver the
said messuage.

Patent Rolls - 1367 Oct 17 Westminster. Grant to John de la Lee of 78s.
1.1/4d which John de Corff, clerk, is bound to render the king yearly
at the Exchequer for the keeping of two parts of the lands late of
Henry Touer, deceased, who held by knight service of the heir of Roger
Latymer, who held in chief, the kings ward, to take the same yearly
during the nonage of the heir of the said Henry by the hands of the
said John de Corff.
Sir John 'atte Lee,' kt., died seised of the manor of Clothall,
Hertford, in 1369, leaving a son and heir Walter, (fn. 70) afterwards
knighted. Sir Walter was burdened with debt, (fn. 71) and after his
death his trustees transferred all his rights in Clothall to three
brothers, Matthew and Henry Rede and Thomas Blount. (fn. 72)

Patent Rolls - 1373 May 1. Westminster. Inspeximus and confirmation of
letters patent of Humphrey de Bohun, late earl of Hereford, dated at
Nottingham, 26 August, 37 Edward III, granting for life to his yeoman,
Thomas Forcer, for long service, a rent of 10 marks out of the manor
of Uppehaven, co. Wilts, now in the king's hand by reason of the
nonage of the earl's heirs, with power of distraint.
Witnesses, Sirs John de la Lee, steward of the king's household,
Richard la Vache, the king's under-chamberlain, Richard de Pembrugge,
and Alan de Boxhull, knights, Robert de Corby, Richard Stury, Walter
Whithors, squires, and others. By p.s.