Who came with the Conqueror

Well, there is (of course) a book on the subject entitled something like "
THose who Came with the Conqueror and Some who did not" Written about 50 or more
years ago, I think and ita covers all the so called lists of those who did
and winds up with a list identical,or nearly so, to those published here the
other day by Spencer Hines

I believe it also covers the question of whether or not anyone can trace a
male line descent from "those who did" and I believe the answer is either no or
nly one or two participants have traceable male line descendents today

Robert Bowman

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Most of the "rest" in Guillaume's Army and Entourage cannot be proven.

So, those 20 or so are what we have -- with an occasional scholarly defense
of one or two additionals.

Live With It...

Many of the others are wishful thinking on pogues' and poguettes' part.