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Arthur Aldeburgh (1585-after 1653) succeeded his father William, but
even less can be found about him. He married Elizabeth, daughter of
Richard Holland of Denton, Lancs., and they had four sons and two
daughters: Richard Aldeburgh (born 1607), Arthur Aldeburgh (born
1608/09, living 1628), Thomas Aldeburgh (baptized at Aldborough 17
June 1610, living 1628), Philip Aldeburgh, Elizabeth Aldeburgh, and a
younger daughter (unnamed in Foster's pedigree). It is said that it
was Arthur's eldest son Richard Aldeburgh (1607-1649) who sat in the
Parliaments of 1625 and 1626 for Aldborough, but why the borough would
return a 18-year-old to Parliament is not explained, and it must have
been another Richard Aldeburgh, probably the youngest son of Richard
Aldeburgh and Eleanor Goldsborough, who was born in 1568, and would
have been a seasoned local approaching age 60, who was M.P. for those
two years. It was definitely Arthur's eldest son Richard who was M.P.
for Aldborough from 1640-44, and the family appears to have supported
Charles I during the civil wars, though Arthur suffered the
Parliamentarian army being quartered on his estates in 1644.

In 1653, Arthur married his daughter Elizabeth to John Wentworth of
Wolley and sold (in conjunction with William Aldeburgh, probably his
younger brother, born in 1588) the manors of Aldborough and
neighboring Ellenthorpe to his new son-in-law.


This series on descendants of Edward III is fascinating and
informative. Many thanks.

I think it is more likely that the William Aldeburgh joined with
Arthur Aldeburgh in various property transactions during the
Commonwealth was his grandson, rather than his brother: see A2A for
the following document:

Reference: DD/4P/28/1 (Portland of Wlebeck papers, Notts RO)
Dated: 12 Dec. 1651; scope and content: Indenture, feoffment.

1) Michael Gilbert, clerk of Aldburgh; Rich. Sutton, sen., yeo. of
Aldburgh; Edward Thompson, yeo. of Aldburgh; Chas. Catton of
Burrowbrig (Yorks), yeo.

2) Wm. Hutton of Aldburgh, yeo., and wife Anne.

Reciting purchase for £508 by (1) from Arthur Aldburgh of Ellingthorpe
(Yorks), esq., and grandson William Aldburgh of premises in
Aldborough, of which part for (2) who paid a proportion, now (1) to
(2) ½ a. arable in West Field on Skelbars Flatt and ½ a. arable in
Sowersike Field on Hessells Flatt. 4d. Quitrent to A.A. and Wm. A.

Given the grandson's role in this transaction, it is likely that he
was the son and heir of Richard (d 1649).

Best wishes, Michael