Update on Anne (Storer) (Truman) Skinner

I've recently received a couple of emails from a lady named Jennifer
in Alabama on this topic (unfortunately I deleted them both in a large
block of old email; maybe she'll respond to this posting). Anyway,
the substance of her messages was that she had transcribed the 1642
will of Jane (Russell) Widmerpole, mother of Mary Widmerpole who was
one of the wives of Edward Storer of Buckminster. (See this page for
more background:


Jane Widmerpole's will mentioned some children and grandchildren, but
there was no mention of a Mary Storer or any Storer grandchildren.

This could in fact be good news, meaning that the daughter Anne was a
child of Katherine Babbington. We *could* revise the chronology thus:

1. Marriage license dated 15 Feb. 1640/1 is issued: "Edward Storer,
p[arish of] St. Peter's Nott[ingha]m, gent., & Katherine Babbington,
of Bunney, sp[inste]r" [Trabue, p. 16, note 23, citing Thomas Mathews
Blagg and F. Arthur Wadsworth, eds., _Abstracts of Nottinghamshire
Marriage Licenses, Archdeaconry Court, 1577-1700; Peculiar of
Southwell, 1588-1754_, Index Library, 58 (London, 1930): 189].

2. Edward Storer, son of Edward, Sr., and Katherine, baptized at
Bunny, Notts., 7 Feb. 1641/2 [Trabue, p. 15, note 17, citing Bunny,
Nottinghamshire, Bishops' Transcripts (FHL film #503,480)].

3. POSSIBLE birth/baptism of Anne Storer, dau. of Edward, Sr., and
Katherine, in Jan./Feb. 1642/3.

4. POSSIBLE birth/baptism of Katherine Storer, dau. of Edward, Sr.,
and Katherine, in Jan./Feb. 1643/4.

5. Edward Storer, Sr., dies in June 1644, is buried 10 June 1644 at
Buckminster, Leicestershire [Trabue, p. 17, citing Buckminster,
Leicestershire, parish register (Leicester Public Records Office,
fiche 1)].

6. Edward's posthumous son Arthur Storer baptized 20 Feb. 1644/5 at
Buckminster, Leics. [Trabue, p. 15, note 19, citing parish register of
Buckminster, Leics., microfiche 1, Leicester Public Records Office].

Note that this means, literally, that Katherine had four children in
four years (we know this can happen--witness Queen Charlotte and
probably Mrs. Lucy Quinby Bromfield, among others). If Katherine and
Anne were twins this could ease the chronology significantly. Yet it
would also make odder the fact that Humphrey Babbington's will
mentions niece Katherine Bacon, but not niece Anne Skinner.

I'll also quote a couple sentences from my earlier posting:

"If she [Anne S.T. Skinner] died in August 1713, aged 75, this yields
a birth-year of 1638. Bryan Godfrey noted to me that he had seen
another transcription of the stone giving the age at death as 73
years. This still yields a birth-year of 1640, early enough to have
been prior to the issuance of the Feb. 1641 Babington-Storer marriage

A third possibility is that Mary Widmerpole died (in childbirth?)
shortly after her marriage (say by August 1638). This leaves space
for yet another marriage by Mr. Edward Storer prior to his (? possible
third) marriage to Katherine Babbington. The second wife, who would
have to die by late 1640, could have been the mother of Anne.


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