Re: Correction to Wargs was Re: Mayflower line for Vickie Lynn Hogan

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Interesting, although Anna's name is usually spelled "Nicole," not

You mean there is still a link to Marilyn Monroe?

Thanks to John Brandon and Guy Perry for allowing me to post so far

This shows *part* of the controversy of the "two Clarence Hogans".
I will shortly be adding John and Guy as the sources for part of this,
and then add the sources that led to this confusion, and possibly even
link Marilyn Monroe!

What an interesting trip!

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Only through the mythical connection, but I still like to note it. I
like to note the errors and explain them. Without that, in my
opinion, other researchers just hit that "the sources conflict" wall
and don't know how to proceed.

I had last year found a New England descent for Marilyn but never
completely sourced it. Just put it on a back burner for... sometime
later. Maybe this is that time!

I fixed the spelling of the name, thanks John.
Will Johnson