the Bostocks of Tarporley and J. I. Coddington

Wednesday, 13 December, 2006

Dear John, Will, Stewart, Peter, et al.,

At long last, I've obtained copies of the TAG articles by
Coddington re: the Bostock (Bostwick) family of Tarporley, Cheshire
and Stratford, Connecticut previously recommended to me by Stewart
some time ago [1]. These are well documented to say the least, and
rather well demolish the connection between the Bostocks of Tarporley
and the Bostocks of Bostock as given by H. A. Bostwick in 1901.

That being said, Coddington holds out hope for the Bostwick
descendants (such as myself) who might otherwise be left somewhat
ancestrally-challenged as a result. Two extracts were printed from
the 1965 edition of Burke's Landed Gentry, which at least provide
fodder for additional research into this branch of the family:

' 1. Sir William Bostock, of Bostock, who was present at the
Battle of Evesham in 1265, had, by his second wife Amice,
a fifth son, Gilbert Bostock, who lived at Tarporley, who
in turn was father of William Bostock, of Tarporley, who
was ancestor of John Bostock alias Whethamstede, Abbot of
St. Albans, who died in 1465.

' 2. Adam Bostock, of Bostock, born 18 Aug. 1363, a member of
the royal bodyguard of King Richard II, had a fourth son,
Henry Bostock, of Huxley, who in turn had a fourth son,
John Bostock, of Tarporley, who married Isabel, daughter and
heir of Ranulph Bostock, of Tarporley, a member of the
other line of Bostocks in that parish. ' [2]

Henry Bostock (allegedly of Huxley) does appear as a younger son
of Adam Bostock of Bostock and his wife Janet Bradshaw in the
Visitation of Cheshire (1580) pedigree; if this Henry was in fact the
father of John Bostock of Tarporley as given in Burke's, this is not
shown, and certainly requires further evidence to prove same.

The following is part of the line given in RD 600 for the
Bostock ancestry of Christopher Branch (and subsequently, Thomas
Jefferson), with the addition of the Tarporley descent as given
by Coddington from Burke's [caveats all around]:

1 Henry I, King of England d 1135 = Matilda of Scotland
2 (illegitimate by ------) Robert of Caen, 1st Earl of
Gloucester = Mabel FitzHamon
3 Maud of Gloucester = Ranulph de Gernon, Earl of Chester
4 Hugh Kevelioc, 3rd Earl of Chester = Bertrade de Montfort
5 (illegitimate by -----) Amicia de Meschines = Ralph de Mainwaring
6 Bertrade de Mainwaring = Henry de Audley
7 Emma de Audley = Gruffudd ap Madog, Prince of Powys Fadog
8 Margred ferch Gruffudd = Sir John Arderne
9 Agnes Arderne = Sir John Whetenhall
10 Margaret Whetenhall = Adam Bostock
11 Adam Bostock = Janet Bradshaw
12 Henry Bostock, of Huxley, 4th son [C]
13 John Bostock, of Tarporley = Isabel, dau. and h. of Ralph
(or Ranulf) Bostock of Tarporley

If valid, the last generation would likely have flourished
ca. 1410-1475, and may (accent on may) be ancestral to the John
Bostock of Tarporley (d. 1597/8) who was father of Ralph/Raphe
Bostock of Tarporley (d. 1637), and conjectured by Coddington as
possible father of Arthur Bostock of Tarporley, father of Arthur
Bostock the emigrant [3].

This connection is interesting, but we are left in something of
a lurch given no will of this first Arthur Bostock of Tarporley has
been found to date; he likely died intestate, but even this is
uncertain. A possible lead has however been noted, however, in the
following record of a marriage in the Chester licenses:

Dec. 18 [1612] " William Whittle of Chester, and
Mary Bostock, Parish of Eccleston, Chesh., Widow.
At St. John's, Chester. " [4]

William Whittle, tanner, of Chester was the actual father (by
his first wife, Margaret Barnes, who d. in 1610) of Janet Whittle,
wife of the 2nd Arthur Bostock/Bostwick, the emigrant - Coddington
has shown that Rev. Robert Whittle was William's brother, and only
the foster father of Janet [5]. William's son William Whittle,
also a tanner of Chester, only became a freeman of Chester on
16 Nov. 1622, so this is evidently a widowed Mary (____) Bostock
who married the elder William [6].

The possibility is that this widowed Mary Bostock of Eccleston,
Cheshire was in fact the widow of the elder Arthur Bostock (a
possible wife Ellin, who d. in 1642, has been put forward, 'but of
this there is no proof whatever' as noted by Coddington). This
would make sense if the subsequent marriage of the younger Arthur
Bostock and of William Whittle's young daughter Jane on 8 Jan.
1627/8 was an arrangment of step-children such as has been seen
elsewhere. This would also explain the eldest daughter of Arthur
Bostock and Jane Whittle being named Mary - for her alleged paternal
grandmother, as in the following chart [conjectured placement of
Mary shown with a ?]:

John Barnes =
tanner, of Chester I ______I______
Sheriff of Chester, 1576 I I I
d. bef 25 June 1599 I I Rev. Robert
I I Whittle
________________________I__ I
I I I <2> <?> <1>
Richard John 1) Margaret = William = 2) Mary = Arthur
tanner, (freeman, Barnes I Whittle I Bostock
Chester 1599) d. 1610 I (freeman, 1590) I 'of
(freeman, I d. Feb 1625/6 I Tarporley
1589) I I =2)
I I Ellen
_______________________________I_____ ________I___
William Whittle Thomas NN Jane = Arthur Margaret
(freeman of (freeman, Whittle I Bostock
Chester, 1622) 1626) m. 1627/8 I <emigrant>
will dtd 1648 I
Mary Jane Ellen Arthur John
<emigrant> <emigrant> <emigrant>
= George Dobson = Thomas = Mary Brinsmead
Johnson I

I have requested copies of the wills of the Whittles and of John
Barnes from the Cheshire RO, but likely if there was more pertinent
Bostock information there, Coddington would have noted and revealed
same. I will advise of anything useful therein: should anyone else
have further relevant documentation, comment or criticism, that would
be most welcome.


John *


[1] John I. Coddington, Additions and Corrections to the Bostwick
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