Re: Brittany was Re: William de Mohun's (d Oct 1193) ancestors

Confusing!!! :-(

We have encountered
Stephen Count of Brittany
Etienne/Stephen Count of Treguier and Lamballe
Count Stephen Lord of Richmond

CP V page 785 to 787 him Stephen, a count of Brittany (how many were there?)
here his wife is called Hawise whose parentage is unknown, she was Countess of Guingamp by her marriage. See footnote e on page 787.
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Will Johnson made me start looking at the ancestors of this William de Mohun
and I found interesting ancestors but also a question.

Weiss in his 7th edition pages 125 and 126 gives that Walter de Gaunt
married Maud (or Matilda) of Brittany, daughter of Stephen I, Count of
Brittany (214-24) and this helps to establish who we are looking at. BUT ES
Volume III/1 in the back has pages with corrections and additions. The
original entry for the Dukes of Brittany is in Volume II Tafel 75, and the
corrected version in III/1 tells

Etienne I (=Stephen) was Count of Treguier and Lamballe died 1137, married
Havise de Guincamp. They had five children :
1. Geoffrey II Botterel, Count de Penthievre
2.Alain II, Earl of Richmond
3.Agnorie wife of Olivier II de Dinan
4.Henri, Count de Treguier et de Guincamp for his descendants see ES III/1
Tafel 155
5.Olive, married (1) Henri de Fougeres (2) Guillaume de Saint-Jean

no Maud or Matilda. Does anyone know what is going on here?


But Keats-Rohan in Domesday Descendants, p. 473 says that Walter de
Gand's wife was Matidlda, daughter of Count Stephen, lord of Richmond.
She references Clay's Early Yorkshire Charters Vol 5, No 390 on p. 342
which is, in Clay's words:

"Notification by Maud, daughter of count Stephen of Britanny and wife
of Walter de Gant..."

(I'm omitting the latin.)

Regrettably K-R in DD 224 does not list all his children in her
paragraph on Stephen on p. 224. Nor does Clay show any daughters of
Stephen in his pedigree of the dukes of Britanny in EYC Vol 4, p. 84.

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