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| I believe (hope I am wrong) that even the Japanese Imperial family tree is
| not too secure as by adoptions the bloodline has been fudged.

The adoptions were of imperial relatives, and recorded as such. Thus they were a 'legal fiction', rather than a 'genealogical fabrication'.

| I for one
| would love to know more about Chinese and Japanese lineages. I have a little
| bit on the present day Japanese Imperial family on my website---any
| additional information greatly appreciated.
| Best wishes
| Leo van de Pas
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The questions come in at the 'top' of the pedigree(s). The emperor Ojin, (traditionally, late fourth century BCE), on down, is considered by scholars to be fairly safe ground. Prior to him, not so much. There is a thesis, (, that Ojin-tenno was a prince of Paekche, one of the Three Kingdoms of Ancient Korea. The piece was backed up with evidence and augmentation. It is based on archaeology and epigraphy, and is not a Velikovsky-Ruhl-Atlantis type of revisionism.
Also see:; and, (basically, the same article); and A bibliography can be found at:
I also might recommend:, and

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