Re: Gorham Pedigree

Interesting, Ginny. How 'modern' is the writing (or is it typed)?

"Ginny Wagner" wrote:
The following is a pedigree that I purchased from the
Grimston estate papers at Verulamium. Comments?

1. Ralph de Gorram ?
1.1. Ralph Lord of Tanniere 1120
1.1.1. William Lord of Tanniere built castle 1155 Giles Lord of La Tanniere 1180 William Lord of la Tanniere 1210 (seal of lions
rampant, two and one) Sir Ralph Lord of La Tanniere and Livarre, d.
1227 dsp Sir Robert inherited La Tanniere and Livarre,
d. 1237, dsp. Henry Mary = Guido de St. Loup (St. Lo) Gervaise Groiet Sir Giles de St. Loup, heir of Sir Ralph de Lo
and of La Tanniere dtr = Sir Fulc de Orta, co-heir with Sir Robert
de Taniere and of Livarre, living 1253 Juhel Clementia

1.1.2. Henry

1.2. Geoffrey de Gorham, 16th abbot of St. Albans 1119-1146
1.3. Olive(ia) = Hugh, son of Humboldt, Westwick 1130, dsp;
Westwick-Gorham to Ive
1.4. William, Great Chicksands priory, 1150
1.4.1. Robert 18th abbot of St. Albans 1151-1166
1.4.2. Ralph Lord of Sarret in Herts 1160 Robert a monk of St. Albans 1160 Ralph Henry a monk of St. Albans 1216 Geoffrey Rector of Luton 1153
1.4.3. Ive Lord of Westwick 1146 Geoffrey Lord of Westwick 1166 Sir Henry of Westwick occ 1199 and 1220 Sir William of Westwick = Cecilia de Sandford
d. 1230 Sir William moity of Westwick was in Ireland
in 1257, d. 1278 William d. a minor, 1290 John = Isabella, sold Gorhambury to Alicia
Countess of Oxford (niece of Cecilia Sandford) for her son,
Alphonse de Veer, 1320[a]
1.4.4. Geoffrey 1160 Henry sold knights fee Cransley 1202, sold knights
fee Flore 1208 Wiliam Land of Cransley, Flore, Wingrave &
Rolvesham, d. ca. 1296 Sir Hugh had land in Benefield = Margery
Angevin who brought Churchfield & Whaplode, d. 1325 and sold
manor of Churchfield 1325 (seal of three joined fetters) William had land at Churchfield which he sold
1332, living 1338 Thomas inherited Whaplode, sold it 1329,
living 1338 at LIncoln Thomas, knight temp Richard II (seal of
three joined fetters) Maragaret sole heiress = Sir John
Littlebury to whom she brought the manor of Gorham in
Whaplode ca. 1400 Nicholas had land Whaplode, living 1338

2. W filius Gorram occ 1086 Domesday book II 441 at
2.1. Henry godfather of Abbot Robert occ 1160
2.1.1. Ogger, d. before 1199 William of Stapleford, 1199 William murdered at Stapleford 1264 John of Stapleford manor 1264 Reginald living Stapleford 1336 Robert living Stapleford 1336 Ralph recotr of Little Oakley 1299, and of
Great Marsden 1300, d. 1349 Reginald priest of Knipton
2.1.2. William of Stapleford, d. 1199 dsp
2.1.3. Wimarch disputed Staplefor with her nephew William

2.2. Maurice


1. John of Glapthorne Churchfield and Benefield, b. 15xx =
Elena ... d. 1588
1.1. John of Glapthorne b. 1571 at St. Neots, d. 1617
1.1.1. John of Glapthorne b. 1606 ... John of St. Neots, b. 1635 at Glapthorne, d. 1725 Henry d. before 1725 Jonathan b. 1687 = Elizabeth Boynton, d. 1789 Jonathan b. 1714, d. 1774, dsp Rebecca b. 1716, d. 1778 in London Stephen b. 1721, = Matisa Wye of St. Neots d.
1789 George James only child b. 1752 at St. Neots
= Mary Greame(?) of Towthorpe, d. 1840, Eaton Ford House
St. Neots Samuel b. 1688 Elizabeth d. 1760 x dsp x dsp x dsp x dsp x dsp
2. James b. 1550 at Benefield m. Agnes Bernington d. 1576

a. Gorhambury escheated to crown 1388, Abbot St. Albans
repurchased revision 1393, granted by Henry VIII to J.
Rowlatt who sold it to Sir Nicholas Bacon 1563, Passed to
Sir Harbottle Grimston 1652.

b. name disappears from Leicestershire

There are dotted lines between a daughter, who I think is
Olive or Olivia and William then another dotted line from
William and Henry in the second generation. There appears
to be no connection between Ralph and W. filius Gorram in
the first generation of the pedigree. In the third
generation, William and Henry are connected then a dotted
line extends from Henry. Robert, Ralph, Ive and Geoffrey
are all connected in the third generation. There is a
dotted line from the preceding Ralph to Henry, a monk of St.
Albans. A dotted line extends from William at Churchfield
to John of Glapthorne and Benefield who has a dotted line to
James at Benefield who started the American branch.

The branch from 1. John of Glapthorne descends until about
1913 with English Gorhams.

Ginny Wagner