Re: The Origins of the Lovaine family

Thursday, 19 January, 2006

Dear Will,

The pedigree given is for the descent down to Hawise de
Lovaine and beyond, so that collateral lines were not dealt with.

The pedigree did note that Imaine of Loos was the 2nd wife
of Godfrey III: his first wife (also shown: "Other Spouses
Margaret of Limbourg" in the pedigree) was Margaret of Limbourg
(or Limburg). Their son and heir was Henry I, Duke of Brabant
and (in England) lord of the Honour of Eye (d. 1235), for whom
his half-brother Godfrey (de Lovaine, or Louvain) acted as
custodian, or seneschal, of Eye.

Sorry for any confusion on the matter.




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Subject: Re: The Origins of the Lovaine family
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 14:32:55 EST

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<< Children: Godfrey (-<1226)
William (->1224)

Other Spouses Margaret of Limbourg

1.1 Godfrey of Louvain
Death: bef 26 Apr 1226[3]

custodian of the castle of Eye in Suffolk, or
'seneschal of the honour of Eye' for his brother Henry of Brabant,
lord of same[3],[4]

in the entourage of his brother Duke Henry, attending the coronation
of King John of England, 27 May 1199[4] >>

Am I confused ?
If Godfrey was "in the entourage of his BROTHER" then shouldn't another
of Godfrey and Liutgarde be someone named Duke Henry ? But in your
you only show Godfrey and William (see above).
Will Johnson