Re: Evidence re. the identity of Alan Fitz Roland'as first wife, _____ de Lacy


Many thanks for posting this additional material.

I note that your putative birthdate for Roger de Lacy has been pushed
back from c1176 to c1173.

The apparent witnessing of a royal charter by one Robert, son of this
Roger, in 1205 is particularly interesting. If we assume that Robert
was the eldest son (which makes for the shortest chronology - perhaps
useful for the purpose of the present exercise), is it likely that he
would have witnessed such a document while under age? If so, how far
under age is he likely to be? Assigning him an age of 21 in 1205 (i.e.
birthdate of c1184) would make a c1173 birthdate for his father
impossible. Even allowing Robert to be a teenager would cause problems
for an 1173 birthdate for Roger, would it not?

Is the evidence for Roger assuming his father's duties c1194 based on
an absence of any such references from 1190 to 1194, or is there reason
to believe that (a) he assumed those duties when he first appears in
the records as holding them, and (b) his assumption was consequent upon
or concommitant with his reaching his majority?

Kind regards