Some Descendants of Alice Talbot, Dame Barre

Alice Talbot, the third daughter of Richard, 4th Lord Talbot, and
Ankaret, Lady Strange of Blakemere, is a key gateway for the
Herefordshire gentry to a descent from Edward I. For the eleven
families descended from her by 1500 listed below, she is the only link
to such a descent for all but one.

She was born 1389/93, and was a younger sister of John Talbot, the 1st
Earl of Shrewsbury. In 1412, her widowed mother arranged her marriage
to Sir Thomas Barre, 'Junior', the son and heir of Sir Thomas Barre,
'Senior', of Rotherwas (in Dinedor) and Clehonger, Herefordshire, by
his wife Elizabeth Croyser.

By Sir Thomas Barre, Alice had a son and three daughters, before her
husband died, probably fighting in France, in the late summer or autumn
of 1420. He predeceased his father, Sir Thomas Barre 'Senior', who
died in December 1420.

Alice married secondly, Richard de la Mere, sheriff of Herefordshire
1422-3, whose parentage I've not been able to determine. He was not
the Richard de la Mere, MP, whose bio is in Roskell's HOP. Instead, he
was likely of the family of Sir Peter de la Mere, Speaker of the House
of Commons under Richard II, as they were based in Herefordshire. By
him she had another son and two more daughters (who apparently died
unmarried), and died in 1436.

Issue of Alice Talbot and Sir Thomas Barre 'Junior':

1) Sir JOHN BARRE, born late 1412 (he was found to be age "9 and more"
in the September 1421 Herefordshire IPM of his grandfather). He was
knighted 1441/2, MP Herefordshire 1445-6, 1447, Gloucestershire 1450-1,
Herefordshire 1459., sheriff of Herefordshire and the West Marches,
1454-5. He married 1st, Idoine, daughter and heiress of Sir John
Hotoft (d. 1443), of Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, Treasurer of the
Household of Henry VI. He married 2nd, Joan (d. 10 Aug. 1484), widow
of Sir Robert Greyndore (d. 1443) of Clearwell Court, Gloucestershire,
and daughter and heiress of Thomas Rugge, of Charlecombe, Somerset. He
died 14 Jan. 1483, and was buried at All Saints' Church, Clehonger,
where he had founded a chantry for his family in 1474. He had (by his
first wife), one child and heiress:

1A) ISABEL BARRE, COUNTESS OF DEVON. She married 1st, after 1450, Sir
Humphrey Stafford (1439-17 Aug. 1469), of Hook, co. Dorset, cr. Baron
Stafford of Southwick 1464, Earl of Devon 1469, by whom she had no
surviving issue. She married 2nd, about 1472, Sir Thomas Bourchier (d.
26 Oct. 1491), younger son of Henry, Earl of Essex, and died 1 March
1489. Her remains were removed to her husband Bourchier's tomb in
Ware, Hertfordshire, after his death. By Bourchier, she had had issue:

1A1) ISABEL BOURCHIER, born 24 April 1474; died young before her
1A2) JOAN BOURCHIER, born 18 March 1475; died in infancy.

2) ELIZABETH BARRE, eldest daughter, born about 1414. She was married
to Edmund Cornewall, knight, eldest son and heir of Richard Cornewall
(d. January 1443), esquire, 'baron' of Burford, Salop, by his wife
Alice Merbury (d. 1417). From HOP: "The Cornewalls of Burford were
the younger branch of an ancient family which traced its descent from
an illegitimate son of Richard, Earl of Cornwall, brother of Henry III.
It was possibly their sense of this distinguished ancestry which
caused them to style themselves Barons of Burford, although none of
their line had ever been summoned to Parliament. They owned extensive
property in Devon, Herefordshire, Shropshire and the midlands."
Edmund, who was born about 1382, died before his father in Cologne in
1435, and was buried in St. Mary church, Burford. Over thirty years
younger than her husband, Elizabeth had only one son and one daughter
before his death. She died in 1468. Issue:

2A) THOMAS CORNEWALL, esquire, of Burford, born 1430/5, became the heir
of his grandfather, who arranged his marriage to Elizabeth (d. 1489),
daughter of Sir Rowland Lenthall (d. Nov. 1450), by his second wife
Lucy Grey. Revenue from the Cornewalls' Stapleton Castle in
Herefordshire, was part of the marriage settlement, and after the 1443
death of Richard Cornewall, Lenthall claimed he'd been defrauded.
Thomas Cornewall came of age in the 1450s and was a firm Lancastrian.
He was attainted in 1461 in Edward IV's first Parliament, and all of
his properties forfeited. He died shortly after 1472, when his son and
heir successfully petitioned the crown to be restored to the family
lands after his father's death. I haven't yet found a full list of
the children of Thomas Cornewall and Elizabeth Lenthall, but they had
at least one son:

2A1) Sir EDMUND CORNEWALL, of Burford, born 1455/9 (said to be age 30
and more in Oct. 1489), who had all the family lands restored shortly
after 1472/3. He married Margaret (d. 1498), daughter and coheiress of
Thomas Horde of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, MP. In October 1489, he was
found to be a coheir to Isabel Barre, countess of Devon, but died
shortly afterwards, on 8 Dec. 1489. From Sir Edmund descends the vast
Cornewall family of Burford.

2B) ELEANOR CORNEWALL, born 1430/5, married 1st, Sir Hugh Mortimer, of
Kyre Wyard and Martley, Worcestershire, and Tedstone Wafer,
Herefordshire, heir of the Tedstone Wafer Mortimers. He was killed at
Wakefield in December 1460, and was buried in the Church of St. Peter,
Martley. By him she had a son and a daughter. She married 2nd, Sir
Richard Croft (d. 29 July 1509), of Croft Castle, Herefordshire,
sheriff of Herefordshire 1471-72, 1477, 1486, MP Herefordshire 1477,
and had three more sons and five more daughters. The Crofts had
occupied Croft Castle since before the Conquest. Eleanor was the
governess of Edward IV's sons at Ludlow Castle. She died 23 Dec.
1519, at an advanced age, and was buried with her second husband in the
chapel of Croft Castle (tomb now in St. Michael church, Croft). Issue:

2B1) Sir JOHN MORTIMER, of Kyre Wyard, etc., born 1450/5, sheriff of
Herefordshire 1477-8, 1481-2, steward of Abberley, Worcestershire
during Warwick's minority 15 Aug. 1480, Squire of the Body 1481-5,
knighted 1485, Knight of the Body 1485-1504, sheriff of Worcestershire
1485-6, banneret at Stoke 16 June 1487, sheriff of Herefordshire
1493-4, 1501-2, MP Worcestershire 1495. He married, after 1485,
Margaret Nevill (c.1466-31 Jan. 1528), third daughter and co-heiress of
John Nevill, Marquess of Montagu (d. 1471) by his wife Isabel
Ingaldesthorpe. They had no issue, and Margaret went on to marry
Charles Brandon, have it annulled the same year (1507), and then marry
in 1522, one Robert Downes, in addition to having had an illegitimate
daughter. Sir John Mortimer died without issue in October 1504 (writ
of d.c.e. 1 Nov. 1504).

2B2) ELIZABETH MORTIMER, LADY DE LA WARR, born 1455/60, married about
1480, Sir Thomas West, 8th Lord De La Warr (c.1457- 11 Oct. 1525), and
died 29 June 1502, having had issue at least one son and four

2B3) Sir EDWARD CROFT, of Croft Castle, born about 1465, sheriff of
Herefordshire 1505, married Joyce Scull, said to be daughter of Sir
Walter Scull, of Holt Castle, Worcestershire (d. about 1472; buried at
Holt Castle church), by his first wife Margaret Beauchamp of Holt (d.
1456; buried at Holt Castle church), but this seems unlikely due to
chronology, and she was probably his daughter by his second wife
Frances Mulle (d. 1483). Sir Edward died 23 March 1541, having had
four sons and seven daughters, and was ancestor of the Crofts of Croft
Castle, descendants of whom still occupy the castle today.

2B4) JOHN CROFT, of Holt, Worcestershire, born 1465/70, married
Elizabeth Seymour, daughter of John Seymour of Wolf Hall, Wiltshire (d.
1491), by his wife Elizabeth Darrell, and was ancestor of the Crofts of

2B5) ROBERT CROFT, of Kyre Wyard, Worcestershire, married and had a
sole daughter and heiress.

2B6) ANN CROFT, married Sir Thomas Blount (1455- 4 June 1524), of
Kinlet, Shropshire, and died 27 Sep. 1549, having had at least five
sons and six daughters.

2B7) ELIZABETH CROFT, married John Whittingham, of Pauntley,

2B8) JOYCE CROFT, married Thomas Mill, of Avenbury, Herefordshire.

2B9) JANE CROFT, married Sir Edward Darrell (1465/6- 9 Mar. 1530), of
Littlecote, Witshire, and died by 1492, having had issue, two sons and
two daughters.

2B10) SYBIL CROFT, married Sir George Herbert (c.1463/5- died after
1504), of St Julians, Monmouthshire, third son of William Herbert, Earl
of Pembroke. He was knighted in 1487 at the battle of Stoke. Dame
Sybil had two sons and one daughter.

3) JOAN BARRE, born 1415/20, married Sir Kynard de la Bere (d. by
1465), of Kinnersley Castle, Herefordshire, escheator of Herefordshire
and the West Marches 1438-9, son and heir of Sir Richard de la Bere, of
Kinnersley, MP Herefordshire, by his first wife Sybil Chabbonare.
Kynard and Joan were granted the manor of "Dorsington" (Dorston in
Herefordshire?), by Richard, duke of York. She died before 1474,
having had one son and three daughters. Her husband predeceased her.

3A) Sir RICHARD DELABERE, of Kinnersley, born about 1448, knighted 17
Jan. 1478, sheriff of Herefordshire 1478-9, 1482-3, 1492-3, 1510-11, MP
Herefordshire 1495, adhered to Buckingham in his 1483 rebellion, and
pardoned by Richard III 5 Nov. 1484; made banneret at Stoke 1487, found
co-heir to Isabel Barre, countess of Devon, in September 1489. He
married 1st, Anne Audley, daughter of John, Lord Audley, by his second
wife Eleanor Holland, and had one son and four daughters. He married
2ndly, Elizabeth (married 2ndly, Thomas Baskerville, esquire), daughter
of William Mores, Sergeant to the Hall of Henry VII, and had a further
ten sons and six daughters. Sir Richard died 15 July 1514, and was
buried in Hereford Cathedral. By his second wife he was ancestor of
the Delaberes of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. By his first wife,
he had one surviving son and daughter:

3A1) THOMAS DELABERE, of Kinnersley, etc., died without issue 1518/19.
3A2) ANNE DELABERE, married John Pye (1444-1550; buried St Davids
church, Much Dewchurch), of Mynd Park, Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire.
They had many children.

3D) JANE DELABERE, all alive and unmarried in 1465/70, when they sued
their brother Richard for their marriage portions.

4) ANKARET BARRE, born 1415/20, married John Hanmer, esquire, and died
after 1474, leaving a son and heir, William Hanmer, who was found to be
a co-heir to Isabel Barre, countess of Devon, in September 1489. I'm
in the process of researching the Hanmers.

Cheers, -----Brad