Sketches of Giles Co, Tenn by McCallum

A Brief Sketch OF THE Settlement and Early History OF Giles County



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This CD of the rare historic 131 page History of Giles County,
Tennessee includes our seven page index of surnames only. Rare
books such as this are found only in regional Libraries and archives.

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Table on Contents:

Centennial Address

Chapter1, Condition of the Country
Chapter 2, Indian Treaties
Chapter 3, Organization of Giles County
Chapter 4, First Settlers
Chapter 5, Land Titles and Warrants
Chapter 6, Congressional Reservations
Chapter 7, Dep. James Robertson

Abernathy, Adams, Agnew, Alexander, Allen, Alman, Alsup, Anderson,
Angus, Anthony, Appleton, Aquilla, Armstrong, Arrowsmith, Baich,
Baidridge, Ball, Ballentine, Banks, Barnes, Barnett, Barren,
Bass, Baugh, Bayler, Baylor, Beaver, Bell, Benson, Benthal,
Benton, Berry, Biles, Birdwell, Black, Blackburn, Bledsoe,
Blythe, Bodenheimer, Bolins, Booker, Bower, Bowers, Boyd
Braden, , Bradley, Bradshaw, Bramlette, , Brien, Bright, Brooks,
Brown, Browning, Brownlow, Bryan, Buchanan, Buford, Callensworth
Calloway, Camp. Campbell, Cannon, Cardin, Carroll, Carter,
Caruthers, Casselman, Childers, Church, Clack, Cleaveland,
Clendener, Cole, Collins, Conn, Connor, Conor, Cook, Coombs,
Cooper, Copeland, Coulter, Cowden, Cox, Crenshaw, Crittenden,
Crockett, Crouch, Crowson, Cunningham Cyrus, Dabney, Daly,
Daniel, Davenport, David, Davidson, Davis, Day, Dearing, Dever,
Dickerson, Dickey, Dickson, Dillihunty, Dillon, Dodd, Doggans,
Donald, 4, Doren, Drew, Dugger, Duty,Eaton, Edmiston, English,
Evans, Everly, EzeIl, Ezell, Fain, Farquaharson, Fay, Field,
Fields, Fitzpatrick,: Flippen, Flournoy, Fogg, Follis, Ford,
Foster, Foulkes, Foy, Frazier, Freeman, Freily, Frierson, Fry,
Gallatin, Garner, Gibson, Gideon, Gilbert, Glen, Goff, Gooch,
Goode, Goodman, Gordon, Gordono, Graft, Graves, Greene, Grundy,
Guthrie, Hag, Hagan, Hamby, Hammonds Hannah, Hanserd, Harney,
Harold, Harris, Harrison, Harwell, Harwood, Hawkins, Hayes,
Haynes, Hays, Haywood, Hemming, Heiman, Henderson, Henry, Hicks,
Hidalgo, Hightower,Hodge, Hogan, Holden, Holeman, Hollis, Holly,
Hooks, Hopkins, Hopper, Huf, Hulburt, Humphreys, Hunnicut, Hunter,
Hurlston, Inge, Jackson, James, Jarmin, Johnson, Jones, Kearney
Kelly, Kendall, Kennan, Kennedy, Kercheval, Kerley, Kemey,
Kerr, Kimbrough, King, Kirk, Kirkland, Kitchen, Kouns, Kyle,
Kyles, Lackey, Laird, Lamb, Lane, Langhlin, Laughlin, Laws,
Leatherman, Lester, Lewis, Lindsay, Locke, Long, Loring, Lovell,
Loyd, Mayfield, McAllily, McCabe, McCalIum, McCallum, McCallway,
McCandless, McCanless, McClannahan, McClelland, McCormack,
McCowan, McCracken, McCutcheon McDaniel, McDonald. McEwin, McGee,
McGehee,: McGrew, McGuire, McKerly, McKinney, McKnight, McLain,
McLaurine McMinn, McMurray McNairy, McNutt, McRoberts McVey,
Meigs, Mendum, Menefee, Meredith,Miller, Mitchell, Moffitt,
Molloy, Monroe, Montgomery Moody, Mooney, Moore, Morgan, Morris,
Murcrief, Nail, Naive, Nance, Neal, Neely, , Nelson, Newbill,
Nicholson Nixon, Noblett, Noblitt, Nye, Oliver, Osborne, Paine,
Paisley, Parchmen, Parker, Pate, Patite, Patrick, Patterson, Pearson,
Peebles, Pepper, Perkins, Perry, Phelps, Phillips, Pickens,
Pillow, Polk, Porter, Potts, Price, Pullen, Purnell, Rarden,
Reas, Reasonover Redus, Reduses, Reed, Reynold, Rhea, Richardson
Riggs, Rivers, Robertson, Rodes, Rogers, Rose, Ross, Rowe, Royle,
Ruby, Rutledge, Samuel, Sanders, Sanford, Sappington, Sawyers,
Scott, Scruggs, Searcy, Sharon, Sharpe, Shelby, Shelton,
Sheppard, Sherman, Shields, Shoemaker, Simmons, Simms, Sims,
Sitler, Smith, Spofford, Stacy, Stamps, Stanford, Steele, Stewart,
Stone, Story, Stovall, Strong, Strother, Sullivan, Suttle,
Swanson, Talbot, Tannehill, Tarpley, Tatum, Taylor, Templin,
Terrill, Thomas, Thomason, Tillery, Tinnon, Tipton, Todd, Topp,
Trotter, Tucker, Tungett, Upshaw, Ussery, Vaughan, Waidrop,
Walker, Walthall, Ward, Watkins, Watson