Research Specialists at the Family History Library with Worldwide Agent Network

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Located one block from the Family History Library in downtown Salt
Lake City, one of the largest genealogical firms in the world for more
than 30 years. Whether you're just getting started on a family history
project, or you need help overcoming a difficult research problem - we
have the expertise to assist you! Our team of qualified genealogical
researchers have professional credentials and many hold advanced
degrees in history and genealogy. In addition, our worldwide network
of research agents can access records from archives around the globe.
They are fluent in more than two dozen languages and bring the entire
world of family history resources to your fingertips! Languages
· Armenian
· Bulgarian
· Croatian
· Czech
· Danish
· Dutch
· English
· Finnish
· French
· German
· Greek
· Hungarian
· Icelandic
· Italian
· Latin
· Latvian
· Norwegian
· Polish
· Portuguese
· Romanian
· Russian
· Slovak
· Slovenian
· Spanish
· Swedish
· Ukrainian


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