Dora Jacobowitz

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I am trying to trace my great-grandmother Debora (Dobre, Dora)JAKOBOWICZ
(Jacobowitz) nee RAUCH, sister of Pauline ROTH nee RAUCH and possibly Fanny RAUCH from Sanok. She was born the 17th of May, 1866 and married Schyje (Osias,Oscar) JAKOBOWICZ from Sanok. He was born the 6th of February, 1864 in Sanok. Dora emigrated to US in 1911 on the Cinncinatti; she was detained until her son Efroim,
later Frank Jacobowitz, could pick her up. I can find no trace of her after that.
In 1919, my grandfather stated that she was deceased on his marriage certificate. My great-grandfather died in 1927 and is buried in the Union Field Cemetery
Queens. Dora had 3 sons: Frank: married to Sylvia and had 2 children: Bella and Sam, Irving, who changed his name to Jacobs, married to Rose with children Allan and Dorothy, and my grandfather Charles Jacobs who married Sara Weiss in Braddock,
Pennsylvania in 1919.

Although Pauline ROTH nee RAUCH and Max (Mendel) ROTH had many children, I can't seem to trace them. Max and Pauline lived in the same apartment building in Brooklyn on Vernon Avenue in 1930. Pauline died in 1930.

Any help or ideas on how to find Dora would be greatly appreciated. I did look at the Italian Genealogy website but did not find her in their listing of NYC deaths.

Thank you,

Washington, DC

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