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While indexing the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Arrival Card, Boston microfilms ( I saw a number of Providence arrivals. There was enough information on a few cards to understand that the Boston HIAS office would be notified that Jewish passengers were scheduled to arrive at Providence, and that a Society representative would be dispatched to Providence to meet the ship. The ships that were met regularly were from Mediterranean ports, often ships of the Fabre Line, SS Sinaia, SS Providence, SS Alesia, SS Asia et al. has the manifests on-line.

An example:
Louis LIPSHITZ with son Abraham arrived aboard the Providence on June 23, 1928, destined to 2137 Pacific St., Brooklyn. "Landed at Providence, but having no funds, Mr. Alpert secured a free ticket from the Fabre line for them and also gave them five dollars, and they went on to New York"

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 4/29/2011 11:09 AM, Rose Feldman <rosef@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My mother landed there [Providence] in Nov 1922. It was already the period of the quotas,and I am guessing that those that missed arriving at NY in time for thefirst of the month, got off at other ports.
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