Brody Yizkor Book

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Genners with an interest in Brody (formerly Brody, Galicia, then Brody,
Poland, now Brody, Ukraine) may have noticed that translations of a few more
chapters from the Brody yizkor book, Ner Tamid--Yizkor leBrody, are now
online at In a great
coup, Lance Ackerfeld recently obtained permission from the Brody
Landsmanschaft in Israel for JewishGen to translate and publish this yizkor
book at our site. We had never previously been able to get this permission
and thus have had at the site for this book only a very scanty amount of

We now need a Project Coordinator who can handle fund raising and the
finding of a translator for the rest of the book. I was the Project
Coordinator only by default (i.e., I am the maker of the Brody ShtetLinks
site), and I cannot continue to serve as a yizkor book coordinator. A
Summary of the Duties of a Project Coordinator for a Yizkor Book Translation
Project is at:

If you would like to volunteer to be the Brody Yizkor Book Translation
Project Coordinator or are interested but feel you need more information,
please contact Lance Ackerfeld, Yizkor Book Project Manager. You will see a
way to do this at the bottom of the main page for the Yizkor Book
Translations Project:

Over the years, a few people have written me expressing an interest in a
particular chapter of the Brody yizkor book and I have scanned and forwarded
the requested pages to these people. If you are one of these people and
have managed to obtain a translation of the pages sent to you, please
contact me so that I can arrange to get the translation from you. We would
naturally like to have any good translations that have already been done
rather than paying a translator to do the work all over again.

Marjorie Rosenfeld
Carlsbad, CA
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