Olyvos research

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I am researching Olyvos (Vlachovo,Vilkhivka) which was located in historical
Hungary, then Czechoslovakia, and is now in present day Ukraine. Many of my
relatives were from this town, and also from surrounding shetls, among them
Losa, Bilke, Iza, Rostoka, and Chust, among others. I have searched through
JewishGen, Neveklarsfeld; I have visited Yad Vashem many times and listened
to testimonies, searched thru parts of the ITS file, and been thru every
page of testimony from Olyvos and even contacted and met some of the
submitters or descendants. But, being some many years after the fact, most
don't remember details. I've also checked the Mamarosh society book and
there was nothing there about Olyvos.

What I'm really trying to accomplish, aside from gathering personal
genealogical data, is to reconstruct this shetl and it's immediate
surrounding shetls, similar to a shetllink, and to bring this town back
"alive". But there is very little on the web about Olyvos. It was only
added to JewishGen last summer after my initial inquiry.
Loza(Fuzesmezo,hreblja) doesn't exist on Jewisgen. Just shows how small
these towns were.

I'm looking for any help that I can get in my search. Does anyone know any
municipal offices in Hungary/Ukraine that stores historical information?
Maybe there are other online sources that I have missed. If anyone that can
supply any constructive information, it would be greatly appreciated.

Gershon Markowitz

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