Minnie ROSENFELD Naturalization Record

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I have a copy of the naturalization record for Minnie ROSENFELD (nee SCHNEIDERMAN), born December 14, 1903 in Podolak, Russia.

This is not the person I was looking for. This Minnie arrived in NY on December 14, 1920 from Marseilles. Her husband was Jacob ROSENFELD, born September 3, 1900 in Romania. In 1928 they lived at 7611 17th Ave., Brooklyn, NY.

In addition to Jacob, the petition was witnessed by David Biales of 1915 Daly Ave., Bronx, NY.

If you are interested in this record, I would be happy to forward it to you. Please respond privately.


Mitch Hollander

DRELICH (Radomysl Wielki, Poland)
ELIAS (Bilki, Ukraine)
PEISIKOVITZ (Bilki, Ukraine)
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