RE: Looking for information on the Towns of Nowosiolka and Debina in Galicia.

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Douglas Weiss writes:
" My GGF Tobias BLATT and his wife Paje AXELRAD were born in Nowosiolka. Any idea
of where this town is located?"

There were several towns with that name in Galicia, but the closest ones to
Jezierna, most likely were Nowosiolka in the Borszczów District, Nowosiolka
Grzymalowska (near Grzymalow, Rimalev) and Nowosiolka outside of Skalat. That last
village was the site of Aktions in WWII and a memorial to the Jews who were
murdered there was erected many years ago by the Skalat committee in Israel. Of
course there are more than one place named Jezierna and people moved around a lot,
but by comparing both locations you will probably be able to determine which of
these Nowosiolkas is yours.

To see all the possible variants and locations for the towns with this name go to
the Polish Roots webpage which is the "Galician Town Finder" at:
This is one of the best resources for locating a town that was once in Galicia.
The names are presented in alphabetical order. (the town Debina is also listed,
near Lancut)

If you search the 1891 Galician Business Directory you will also see many business
listings with surnames for the town of "Nowosiolka." This database can be found

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA
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