WILEDNIK and VOIDNIK family surname

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Dear Genners,

I recently discovered the maiden name of my GG GM from the Ukraine, who
immigrated to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I do not know her Yiddish given name as
of yet, but she was Bessie nee WILEDNIK, married to Rafal KVACHINSKI.
(changed to KWAIT in the USA). They lived in Berdychiv, Samgorodok and Pliskov,
Ukraine, which are all within a 100 mile radius of Kiev. Haven't verified
this from Bessie's death certificate and gravestone yet, but her brother
Joseph's records from New York suggests their parents were "Charles" and Esther
nee HALPERIN or GOLDSTEIN. Esther's (born circa 1845) parents were Joshua
and Pearl.

The surname according to Alexander Beider "A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames
from the Russian Empire," is geographically derived and refers to the town
of Veledniki, which is currently called Novyye Veledniki, Ukraine and is
approximately 100 miles northwest of Kiev and near the current border with

There was also a WILEDNIK birth listed on the Jewish Gen All Poland
Database: http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Poland/ for the town of
Zolochiv (also known as Zloczow), Tarnopol Wojewodztwa, Ukraine. The mother's
maiden name was KIES.

Other surnames that are part of this family include: COUNTER, FINKELSTEIN

So far, I have noted that some members of this family immigrated to the USA
and settled in the following cities:
Baltimore, Maryland;
Broward County, Florida;
Chicago, Illinois;
Dayton, Ohio;
Johnstown, Pennsylvania;
Memphis, Tennessee;
New York;

If you are researching these surnames, please contact me privately.

Thank you,
Shelly Levin
(Kiev area of Ukraine): BERKA, BLAZ, COUNTER, GITERMAN, GLASS,
(Gorodkovka, Myastkovka; Tomoshpol Ukraine: and Chisinau, Moldova):
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