Labiszyn, Kujawsko-Pomorskie - What Gubierna?

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Just beginning my Polish research.

Louis RAPHAEL (RAFFEL) was born 1 April 1854. His death certificate
list his birth place as Lobaschni or Lobaschini (it's spelled two
different ways on the same certificate). The town of Labiszyn, 52Deg
57Min 17Deg 56Min gives Lobaschini as a previous name on a modern map. I
think the county is Bydgoszcz. But what gubierna is it in? (I have
looked, but I'm stumped.)

The town isn't even listed in the Polish Archives Holdings of
JewishGen. I have found out that Labiszyn is in the county of Znin,
Voivodeship of Ujawsko-Pomorskie, but that doesn't seem to be getting
me any closer to actual records. I've even found out that the LDS
microfilms have Lutheran and Catholic films for the town.

I'm guessing that his wife Annie was named Channa. Is there a
reasonable guess for what Hebrew name might have been changed to
Louis? Louis' father's name was listed in Louis' marriage certificate
as Abram Raffel and then in Louis' death certificate as Arthur Myron
Raphael. Louis came to the US about 1880 and settled in Wilkes-Barre,

I think that once I determine the correct gubierna, the JewishGen
website will show the available translated records. I would
appreciate any guidance as where else to look.

Thank you for your patience with a beginner.

Harold Burris
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