cemetery in Granadora Baigorria, Argentina

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In a message dated 04 June 2007, Wilhelm Vleeshhouwer wrote:
"My wife and I, came acros this cemetery during our travels in Argentina. We could not get in, it was locked. It is a small cemetery, cramped into a corner of a Catholic one, with walls around it. It seems the people who made use of it, were expelled from the city of Rosario, because they belonged to Zvi Migdal. I do not know waht that means."

The Zvi Migdal Society was a Jewish organization that controlled brothels in many countries. They deluded young Jewish girls from poor families in Eastern Europe, specially from the shtetls in Poland and Russia, in order to force them into prostitution in South America (Argentina and Brazil). Here, they had their own cemetery, synagogue and even rabbi, because they were refused by the local Jewish community. It lasted for a century: from the 1860´s until 1960´s.

My father tells that around 1915 he lived in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil where there was no Zvi Migdal. Dad´s older brothers, as well as other Jewish men and women, used to go to the port to wait for ships coming from Europe -- they would look for young jewish girls travelling alone, and they would try to convince the girls to leave the ship in that point of the trip, saving them from sexual slavery. Salvador was the first port in South America, before going to Rio de Janeiro, Santos, and Buenos Aires, where the Zvi Migdal was active. When the girl accepted to interrupt the trip, she was taken to the home of one of the jewish local families, including my grandmother´s home.

I knew personally one of these women saved by my family from sexual slavery. I also know the children and grandchildren of two of those other women who were enslaved.

Eliana Aizim
from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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