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Krojanke (now Krajenka) was in Pomerania before WW II, but only just barely--not until 1938 was its county (Flatow) assigned to Pomerania. Since 1922 it had been part of the "Grenzmark Posen-Westpreussen", literally "Posen-West-Prussia-border region", effectively "the bits that didn't get assigned to Poland". The same is true for Schneidemuehl (now Pila).

Before 1922, Krojanke belonged to the province of Westpreussen (West Prussia); and Schneidemuehl, to Posen.

LDS has lots of Krojanke records up to 1863. None for Schneidemuehl that I could find; but the Pila branch of the Polish State Archives in Poznan seems to have BMD 1842-1920. (Fond 12, sig. 12) I'd like to hear from anyone who's actually seen these. Needless to say, whoever indexes and/or transcribes these records will be a hero!


A request to all of you: when writing Polish names, it's OK to drop the various diacritical marks, such as the slash through the L in Pila. (Most Polish search engines prefer that you either drop all of them or keep all of them.)

But: it's different with German! The umlaut, i.e., two dots over an A, O, or U, may not be welcome on many email systems--this one, for instance--but should not simply be dropped. Instead, replace it with a trailing E:

Muenchen, not Munchen

Schneidemuehl, not Schneidemuhl

Graetz, not Gratz

Loewenstein, not Lowenstein.

Simply omitting the umlaut can lead to embarrassing misunderstandings in German, not just unsatisfactory search results. The e-for-umlaut substitution is universally valid and accepted orthography.

Thanks to all!

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ
researching Upper Silesia and Prussian Poland in general

Nick wrote:
"Miriam Margolyes" <75342.3217@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
Has anyone indexed the Schneidermuhl records?
I find that my SANDMAN family came from neighbouring
Krojanke & would like to track them down.

Is it possibly worth noting that Krojanke was in Germany pre-WWII and is in the area known as Pommerania - my ancestors also came from there, but I don't really have any more information than that.
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