MOLK family, Lithuania

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Hello all,

My name is Ran Phillips.
I'm looking for my mother's family from Grinkiskis, Lithuania.
Her father name was Reuven MOLK and grandfather name was Yosef and his first
wife was Yehudith.
My grandfather Reuven Molk had few brothers & sisters about two of them I
know : David Molk & Rachel Shmueli.
Other members of this family died/murdered by the nazis during WW2.
I know that relatives also fled to South Africa & U.S.A.
My grandfather Reuven, his father Yosef and brother David came to Israel,
Reuven also serve in the british army in Palestine.
I need help to find names of the other members in the family from Lithuania
to know the Molk family tree before Yosef and the Relatives from U.S.A &
South Africa.
Thankfully Yours,

Ran Phillips, Israrel


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