Re: Dane in german army II WW

Thank you, I will look into these new leads you provided.

"phom" <p.hombach@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> It is not very likely that he served directly in the Wehrmacht (German
> army). You should probably find out whether he joined as a volunteer the
> Frikorps Danmark. They wore German uniforms, but had on their uniform
> insignia that they were in a Danish unit. You may find some information at
> Sorry if I lead here to a neo-Nazi site - my Danish is very rudimentary,
> and I was not able to read the content.
> The Frikorps eventually merged into the Waffen-SS.
> Quite some time after the Frikorps was formed, a Danish Wehrmacht division
> was established, named Nordland, under the command of Christian Friedrich
> von Schallburg ("Schallburg Division").
> You perhaps should first find out in which of these two different branches
> of the German military your grandfather served. The Schallburg division
> served at the Russian front, from what I know, and a great many of them
> perished, as did the Germans serving at that front.
> Peter in Canada