Worldwide current status on culture, genealogy, history and politics

Worldwide current status on culture, genealogy, history and politics

Regional Genealogy and Local History Research:
Local History and Genealogy Portals to the World,
has just been updated to reflect the state of the art
in culture, genealogy, history and politics combined.

Every country is appropriately evaluated by regional
sub sections, using connective links to all related sites.
All English Wikipedia country articles are further
combined, on a selected country by country basis,
with key articles in the related language edition of
Wikipedia, as attached ":" with language description.

All Wikipedia and other genealogy and family history
volunteer information can be checked and validated,
to assure quality control standards, by using the expert
regional worldwide master link connections, such as:
(1) Michigan State University Global Access
List of all Countries
(2) UCB Libraries GovPubs foreign information by country
Significant links to country information, taken into account
as a whole, as discovered and keep current by professional
University of Colorado staff, evaluating the worldwide Internet.
(3) A review of ENCYCLOPEDIAS: List of Online Encyclopedias

This one page worldwide geographical resource,
is currently fully indexed by using the PicoSearch, at:
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please email us and report any 404 - Not Found, broken,
changed, inappropriate, misdirected, new, outdated or
undiscovered pertinent genealogy and family history links.
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