Re: Spanish-language Genie programs

"singhals" wrote
I assume there are some programs
written/developed by Spaniards for doing
genealogy in Spanish.
Anyone know what they are and
what their specs and features are (in
English, since I don't read Spanish once I get past frijoles roja)?

"Jack" wrote:

Try Legacy:
It is availble in many languages.
Afrikaans - Dansk - Deutsch - Eesti - English - Español - Français -
Italiano - Nederlands - Norsk (Bokmål) - Norsk (Nynorsk) - Português
(Brasil) - Suomi - Svenska

Some of these are beta - eg Deutsch. The "standard" Legacy6 I
downloaded last month didn't offer languages except various English
versions and Danish.

For the Spanish,
(headed Legacy 5 but also has Legacy 6) seems to give access to pairs
of Legacy and appropriate language file versions (ie download matching
zip files for LegacyAlt.lng and Legacy, and unpack and load Legacy,
and then unpack LegacyAlt.lng .zip into the same folder as the Legacy

From the bottom of the page, it doesn't look as though there is a
Spanish help file yet available. (This may not matter.)

(Cheryl - I'll send a rough and ready translation of the Spanish page,
though you can probably get the gist from Google. I've been playing
with the German situation, and use dial-up, so am not prepared to
experiment with Spanish. But the German experience leads me to think
that switching between Spanish and English is trivial enough for you
to test the actual program yourself with some GedCom file. I have no
idea whether it picks up the Spanish double surname system, but any
errors can be corrected when editing an idividual's details.)


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