Re: Web Page access

Mrs Julie Goucher wrote:

"DaKar" <dakar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Julie Goucher wrote:

This isn't a genealogy specific computer issue, but I wonder if anyone can
help me.

I am using IE and having trouble seeing a particular web page.
The URL is
Others on the BC mailing list at Yahoo can access the page fine.
The trouble started about three weeks ago, when I find access
is nigh on impossible.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be the problem,
and how I can rectify the situation.

> It has a lot of javascript you haven't turned that off have you ?

No, I've just checked, and the boxes are ticked.


Then use this site to make sure this working.
Scroll to the right there and do a Verify. If it won't verify, then do the
download, install, & verify and then try your website again.