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While I haven’t read the entire thread, I've been reading with
interest. I did not realize they were going to take down the old
site. I also have to agree with Lesley Robertson. I too think the
new site leaves a lot to be desired. Actually, I haven’t met anyone
who likes the new site better than the old. I do understand though
the LDS wanting to “get their money’s worth” out of their investment.
Still, I wish the new site could do at least half of what the old site

Here's a recent convert to FamilySearch. I never used it in the past as
there was all the dross of the members rubbish data entries and little
pretence for accuracy.

Though I was a fan of their Vital Records series as they provided
information obtainable by no other means.

But since they have relaunched their data to include only that with hard
evidence, and further enormously expanded the quantity of published
data, I have become an enthusiast for the new site.

Good extensive data is what we need and they are at last providing that.
They may not provide all the formats that we were used to but it looks
to me like there has been a revolution in LDS which has brought them
nearer to modern requirements for accurate sourcing. I can only
speculate on the campaigns and rows that must have gone on as they
dropped a host of outmoded practices, many of which brought them into
ridicule. Elsewhere on this newsgroup GEDCOM is being ridiculed as out
of date and inadequate, so even that has been dropped.

The addition I would like is an on-line link to their filmed copies of
the originals. This would save me a fortune in rail fares and diesel to
get those so I would not mind if they made a modest charge for such a

And FamilySearch will have really arrived when Roy updates part 5 of his
excellent Newbie's Guide <>.

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