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Has anyone got a link that works for the old-style Family Search? It's vanished from their new page, and I can't be doing with the new style search. Maybe when I've a bit more time, I'll try it again, but I just want to be able to enter "Kermit MacMuppet, 1900 +/- 10 years, Midlothian, Scotland" and search, not fiddle around with ticking boxes that only give approximations...
Lesley Robertson

I hope you get the McMuppet clan sorted quickly as, according to this page: , the LDS will be removing the old site in the very near future.


Bottom line is that, like the new style site or not, the LDS have invested an enormous amount of time, effort and money into this new venture and, as the investors, its their decision .
I am not a church member, I didn't contribute any of the funds (though I have transcribed for the LDS) so I am just grateful that they are so willing to share the information they have. I'll take any format they want to have, will find ways to work round it if I need to, cos its very generous of them to do so. Without the generosity of the LDS I would not have been able to do anything like the research into my family history that I have managed by using their facilities.
I have found that the more I use the new site the easier it has become to search and find what I want.