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Once upon a time, Barry Ruck posted a regular set of FAQs (Frequently
Asked/Answered Questions) into soc.genealogy.britain ("s.g.b"),
once a month. These grew into very large articles, became difficult
to maintain, and eventually they were discontinued.

To make them easier to read and maintain, we now keep our FAQs on
the web, at

Before you post into s.g.b for the first time, PLEASE read the FAQs
first, particularly the "General FAQs" article that you should find
linked on the front page. It's quite likely that you'll find the
answer to your question there, or in the articles linked from there.

The members of s.g.b are very helpful, but some can be hostile to
new posters who haven't checked the FAQs first. You Have Been Warned!

If you have any corrections or additions to the FAQs, please either
post them directly to the newsgroup for its members to mull over, or
mail them directly to editor [at]

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