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John Martin wrote:
Anyone ever heard of this name?
It is transcribed as Bemagan ( a male name ) but looking at the entry
there are other possibilities but none I can recognise as a name.

1911 Census
Cottage Horsemoor Green Langley Buckinghamshire
Eton, Buckinghamshire
Reference RG14PN7837 RG78PN391 RD144 SD1 ED14 SN235

For those looking it up on Ancestry it's

The image is certainly Bemagan but some of the children's names are very
sloppily spelled
Marthur Ellisbirth, Charles Fredric, Ellen Louies, Alfred Thomhas etc...

Births Mar 1909
Allen Benjamin James Eton 3a 912

Sorry - that link should be
The final zero got lost somewhere

And for those who keep telling me I cannot pass on information found on
FMP - I do not have a subscription to FMP, so any reference I make to to
the 1911 census comes from Ancestry - and yes, I was able to find the
image from the reference given without too much trouble. Enough already!

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I must have missed the context around that Anne. Are you talking about
anything at all from FMP or just posting links? I have read some of their
small-print about not using a subscription for others, but I believe that's
really only when there's a commercial gain involved (and it couldn't be
implemented any other way)

Tony Proctor