Re: What on earth is a Faulker?

Drapery Traveller, in other words a travelling salesman.

Naomi W

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In FMP Reference RG14PN32097 RG78PN1845 RD588 SD2 ED30 SN264
I am finding it really difficult to read Frank Luke's occupation. On the
transcript it reads as Drapery Faulker!! I can find nothing in our
dictionary or on Google for the word Faulker. I have tried magnifying the
words in the original of the census for that family but cannot decide what
it says.

In 1901 his occupation is shown as Clothier & Jeweller, so Drapery &
Clothier make sense but maybe one of you wonderful people can help me
translate the 'Faulker' word.

In 1911 the family are living at 43 Pontypridd Street, Cardiff.

Many thanks for any help that I may receive,