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Reference number 38 in your old numbering system.

I have "Birth date 1802/3 according to (several) census returns and age on tombstone ()." Do you have a photograph of said tombstone? (Presumably from when we visited Barton Turf!)

I've asked in soc.genealogy.britain, and someone's found me some details of birth and christening (to Robert Neave and Ruth Jones) in Smallburgh, which is only 2.7 miles from BT; however, I still don't think I can dismiss the one I'd already found to Jacob Neave and Ann Beck in Catfield (all are 1802), as that's 6.3 miles away, still plausible. (Two censuses actually give his POB as Barton/Barton Turf itself.) Also, all are from IGI, which is of course a dubious source.

Among James' 12 children (that we know of) is a Robert (the one we're descended from, in fact) but no Ruth, and an Ann but no Jacob, so no help there!

[I occasionally poke at this branch of our tree, as it's the one you've said you'd like to be able to progress further, and the one that goes least far back.]

Rgds, bro

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