Re: WDYTYA? programme schedule (US episodes)?

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I've been digging around the BBC's WDYTYA? web site, and other places
too. I can't find any indication of when the other US episodes are due
to screen. After Sarah Jessica Parker's one, which was fascinating, I
want to see the others!

It was good to see something a bit different. A lack of material,
though, padded out with "Un-Be-Leee-Vable!" and "Oh... My... God!". I
wonder if they just couldn't find any other ancestors of popular
interest. A fairly light hour-long programme really needs more than
two areas of focus.

I'm surprised the original poster thought the Sarah Jessica Parker episode was "fascinating". We have seen several of them in Oz - Parker, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Broderick, Brooke Shields I remember seeing. IMO they aren't a patch on the English or Australian versions of the program. Lots of padding and little "real" genealogy, I thought. And they adopt the annoying US TV habit of telling you before each commercial break what is coming up next and, after each commercial break, recapping what has happened so far, which limits even further what you actually see of value. And you get to see certain "key" moments 8 or 9 times.

Yes, lots of what looked to me very fake "Oh...My...God"s too.

There were some good moments though. I loved the guy in Poland (from memory) who said something like "Lisa Kudrow! In my home. And not on my television!" I guess their celebrities are much better known outside their own country than English or Australian ones are. The family members being tracked down seemed more excited than the celebrities.