Douglas Ditton starts work at the Post Office

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Thomas Ditton told his son that he changed his name by "letters
patent" probably 1920-1924. If this were true, where would I look to
find information or a copy of the legalities? I am leaving no stone

Could the name change have been due to a "name and arms" clause in a
will? If in England, the process there is to obtain a Royal Licence
for the change and then to have the arms recorded by the College of
Arms - which issues Letters Patent.

The London Gazette should have notice of the Royal Licence.


You mean someone would change their name to get a coat of arms? I'm
not aware that that occurred, but who knows!

London Gazette Issue 41579 published on the 19 December 1958. Page 41


Gazette Issue 34395 published on the 7 May 1937. Page 26

April 8, 1937

Without Competition

Male Sorting Clerks and Telegraphists,
Leonard William Colton (Scunthorpe),
Douglas Arnold Belcher Ditton (Staines),
Robert Drummond (Dunfermline), William
Richardson Mosely (Walton-on-Thames and
Weybridge), Norman Roy Parkman (Chertsey,
Walton-on-Thames and Weybridge),
Roger Porter (Wokingham), Charles Keith
Proctor (Buxton),