Re: Older fathers

Ian Goddard wrote in reply to my:

Do any of you feel that a similar message comes from your genealogical

That would be unlikely. It requires a larger sample than most
genealogists would get from recent generations and the effect probably
wouldn't be prominent amongst earlier generations where other causes of
early mortality would mask it.

Yes, you are probably right. I study a group of parishes pre-1750, so I may
have a different perspective - but, as you say, other causes of early
mortality would be likely to mask the effect.

I observed not so long ago, in chatting with somone about the morality of
IVF treatment for older women, that we are socially accustomed to men having
children at a late age through second or third marriages. This is, of
course, a different moral issue; but, still, intrigued me in the light of
that discussion.