Re: Pig-ignorant attacks on Don Moody

Simon Dean wrote:
David Batten wrote:

We are not told by the OP what he considers "can only be described as
verbal filth"

That's because Moody makes threats and representations about what might
happen if you post his copyrighted material to the general public.

just let him sue - too expensive and no money to be made

I once asked a question on this newsgroup about

Oh well, I had it in the neck.

but Simon you and a few others tend to become a chewtoy
just as if you had on a T-shirt marked BITE ME

it is to do with the ambiguous way you use english and the way you overreact to criticism, instead of ignoring it if wrong, or learning from it if correct

Ozziebert is busy picking the scabs of his sores instead of doing genealogy
It looks like he had a bad day at the office after wetting his bed in the morning

I am looking forwards to being back in Brum in a couple of weeks

take care

Hugh W
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