Re: Genealogy for Dummies

RICLAND wrote:
[...] her true
ancestral line is to be found in sub-Sahara Africa perhaps among the
Bushmen of the Kalahari, the Bantu of Cameroon, the human flesh
eating Imbangala tribe still to be found in today's Angola and Congo,
or the baby bayoneting Mau Mau from the wilds of Kenya. [...]

"perhaps among the ...." ?

My experience is that people from Africa are good at telling the area
of Africa from which others come. As someone who recently
described someone I had met for about half-an-hour a few hours earlier
as having black hair, and then found an hour later that it was, and
had been, pure white, I know I myself have no hope of any such
ability, but I intellectually accept that it is possible for others to
have it.

So I assumed that, when you recognised "African" features, you meant
somehing specific.

An illusion shattered. Ah well.

And I was *so* impressed.