Re: Investigating LEDSON: Marriage certificate father's name

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Did you look at 1891 properly? One of the family members is Hannah
Ledson, 81, wife's grandmother. That might be enough information for
you to be able to track your own Hannah back two generations.

Yes, had noticed that but as people and ages don't add up, I still
can't make sense of it all. There is a Hannah aged 12 living with
Hannah aged 51 in 1861 but Thomas is 29 and living elsewhere with his
wife (Mathilda) with another Hannah aged 12. Can't find Hannah aged 4
or thereabouts.

I can't make sense out of it either. What I found was:-
Hannah (the grandmother) can be found in 1871 with a son Samuel.
Hannah (the grandmother) can be found in 1851, widowed, with a family
including Samuel, and a son Thomas, aged 19.
Thomas, aged 29, can be found in 1861 with a wife Matilda, and a
daughter Hannah, aged 12.
The marriage in 1853 of Thomas to Matilda can be found on FreeBMD and
also on the IGI.
The IGI also gives a baptism of Hannah to Thomas and Matilda in 1854,
the only child listed for this couple.

I think it likely that the age given on the 1861 census in incorrect,
and it should read 6 or 7. Perhaps the enumerator misread the schedule.
There is no birth for Hannah between 1853 and 1855 on FreeBMD. Have you
searched the GRO indexes? The only other obvious possibility is that
she was Matilda's daughter, took the Ledson name, and was baptised as a
five year old. I consider that unlikely, especially as I can't find a
candidate in 1851.

Thomas and Matilda disappear completely after 1861. I cannot find
Hannah (the grandmother) in 1861 either. I'm discounting the other 12
year old Hannah, as, not only is the age wrong, but nothing else fits
your data in any way.



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