Re: Investigating LEDSON: Marriage certificate father's name

"JohnB" <johnbooth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have a marriage certificate for my G-Grandparents John Booth and
Hannah Ledson (m in Liverpool 30/06/1878) where their ages are given
as 21 and 22 repsectively. Hannah's father is given as Thomas Ledson
and I tried to trace these two back in censuses but don't find exactly
what I'm looking for. There is a Hannah with a father called Thomas
in 1861 but she's aged 12 when she should be 4. In later censuses her
age matches the marriage certificate (1881, 1891 and 1901). Would
there be any reason why or is it feasible that she should lie about
her age (reducing it by 8 years)? Or do I have to assume these two
Hannahs are not the same? I can find no other match for Hannah. She
is supposed to have been born in Liverpool (the census says so) though
I know she and her mother (possibly also Hannah) were known as "the
Welsh women" - though this may be due to a family rumour about Hannah
working in service in Prestatyn or thereabouts.

Did you look at 1891 properly? One of the family members is Hannah
Ledson, 81, wife's grandmother. That might be enough information for
you to be able to track your own Hannah back two generations.