Re: Help with reading Scottish 1692 marriage record please

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John Rippeth in the Herd House had a manchild baptised,James. Robert
Cairns and Richard Brown { difficulty with word, possibly
?} in {difficulty with word, possibly a farm name or place name ?}
My transcription is

John Rippeth in the Herds-house had a manchild Baptized, James, Robert
Cairns and Richard Broun indwellers in Boon?ede witnesses

Can't decipher that letter in the place name though. Does what I've
written tally at all with any local place names that you know about?

Thank you, I am fairly new at reading this very old stuff and its nice
to have a second opinion saying I am not going too far wrong.
I thought the suspect letter may be a j. There is place called
Bonjedward which is a couple of miles from Jedburgh. Daniel's explanaton
of the end of the word being a abbreviation for 'burgh' will send me off
to try to find out if perhaps it was also known as Bonjedburgh at some