Re: Help for a Newbie please

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Hi there, just starting to find my relations. I am trying to build
family tree and sort out some skeletons. I need to find the records
of a birth at Queen Charlottes hospital Marylebone in August 1929 I
have found an Archive number (I think) for births around that date
is (H27 (B04/009)). Can anyone tell me what I do next, tried
on the site I found the Archive Number but couldn't find any links
anywhere. I have a birth certificate for then but Fathers' name is
left blank trying to find other possible ways to find out, was
they would hold other records that were not put on birth cert.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1. Do what you are told. LURK on the newsgroup and/or have a read
through the archives of the newsgroup. Advice to newbies has been
given dozens and dozens of times. If you can't find it and follow it
then give up genealogy.

2. If your enquiry involves the adoption of yourself or a natural
parent, go to adoption sites, find the relevant organisations, and
follow the law of the matter and the counselling required.

3. In the specific matter of Queen Charlotte's in the era concerning
you, realise that it was THE premier training hospital for midwives
and ran two kinds of ward. If the parents were rich, they got
fully-qualified and very expert midwives only. They paid, heavily and
for the best. If the parents were poor, say a single girl who'd been
on the game or somebody equally poverty stricken, they went into the
training wards and got the trainees, albeit with some expert
supervision. Infant mortality was higher in the training wards both
because the midwives were less expert but also and mainly because the
mothers were more often than not in poor health themselves and had not
been feeding enough quality food to develop a healthy baby.

4. Given 3 and the birth certificate saying 'father unknown' you can
take it for granted that the father is never going to be known once
the lady concerned dies without disclosing identity, and in some
circumstances the father may be unknowable because the lady didn't
collect and record the true names and addresses of clients.

5. There is no automatic right of access to medical records of the
time. There is a recent right of access by the patient to their own
records. In very limited and serious circumstances access may be
obtained, such as dispute of a will. Other than that medical notes are
what they say. Notes made and owned by medical professionals for their
own medical purposes. Unlike registration documents, such as birth
certificates, the basic presumption is no access.

6. I am Charlotte' baby myself, but not 1929 vintage. I'll leave you
to guess whether I came out of the rich or the poor wards.