Re: I don't like Family Historian either

"Hugh Watkins" <hugh.watkins@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On what basis do you make the claim that the link I provided was to an
illegal copy of Family Tree Maker? Provide facts and I will bring it to
the attention of personally. If, again, it is so much hot
air then please try to get the facts of a matter before you post. You
will end up looking less of an idiot.


pointless to test a less than fully featured trial version of any

Which totally fails to answer the question.

I posted a link to a trial version of FTM. You came back and inferred that I
had posted a link to an illegal copy of the software. You do seem to have a
fondness for making libellous statements against me so I asked you to
justify this latest one. I invite you again to provide the facts to support
your assertion as to the legality of the link.