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Since both of these seem somewhat implausible, I wondered how likely
it was that the genuine cause of death would be recorded on her
death certificate. Having looked up what I think is the correct BMD
reference (1922 Dec Hendon 3a 326) I wondered about shelling out £7
for a copy of the certificate, but I thought I'd check first if
anyone else had already done this (Brief googling
details of the cause of death, just that she collapsed on stage
after her health deteriorated)

The Dictionary of National Biography says "She died from heart and
kidney failure on 7 October 1922 at her home, 37 Woodstock Road,
Golders Green...".

It reads like something extracted from a death certifcate.>

A bit of Googling on "Marie Lloyd+died" reveals that at the time of her
death she was drinking heavily as a result of the disintegration of her
marriage to her third husband, Bernard Dillon, and also suffering from
stomach cancer.

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